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Lagana mandap is an online matrimonial portal constantly providing solutions to the matrimonial problems. Since the commitment to the privacy of the clients of Lagana Mandap is very strong therefore we have outlined the privacy policy in respect of the information collected by you.

We have a secure server for the credit card transactions and in order to protect any such information provided by the user, cookies are used to store the login information.

What information one needs to provide while using Lagana Mandap?

The members who are making use of our paid/unpaid membership needs to provide us with their personal details, e-mail id, a specified password, mailing address and a zip code.

In case you decide to become a paid member and pay the professional fee we charge the you need to provide us with some additional information like billing address, credit card number, expiry date of the credit card.

Third parties along with authorized service providers might be allowed to advertise on our site and these providers might collect the information using tracking technologies. Any information directly entered at Lanaga Mandap is not provided to any such provider.

How the collected information is used by the site?

The collected information is stored with us after you choose to be our paid/unpaid member hence helping us to understand your needs and providing the solution to what exactly you have looking forward to. This can also be helpful in categorising people involved in illegitimate activities.

How is your information protected?

All appropriate measures are taken to protect the personal information provided by you and we want our members to be confident on non disclosure of any such information. As it is witnessed that no such information is all secure while using the electronic devices; but we leave no stone unturned to protect the information provided by you.

Is other information provided safe?

Any information and pictures provided by you are safe till the time they are with us and we have the authority to share them with our members as mentioned in the terms of use section. In case such information is shared by any user to the unsafe safe id’s we do not guarantee the security of the information shared by the user. In case you choose to post your email id and use it for some postings; the viewing of such id is not controlled by us hence resulting in getting unauthorised messages.

Lagana Mandap is an adult oriented site and restrict the individuals in becoming the paid/unpaid members and we do not collect any information from such individuals under the age of 18.

We may have certain advertisement links connected to our website which may ask for direct information from your side; that is your sole discretion to provide any type of information to such linked sites.

Can there be a change in Privacy Policy

We may update the privacy policy anytime and without providing any such information to our users therefore we recommend you to check such changes regularly or at any fixed interval by you.

You may contact our site administrator if you have any queries about our privacy policy.

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